Monday, May 28, 2012

Know the goodness of Neem (Margosa) Leaves...

Neem or Margosa tree is very common in India and some of us are very fond of its bitter taste. From our childhood days, we have been told that we should eat its fried leaves everyday in the month of March-April to avoid several diseases and my mother was very strict in that case. Me and my two elder brothers were forced to eat whatever dishes my mother prepared with those horrible leaves under the supervision of my stricter father.

We all know the medicinal property of this tree. I now want to share something about the goodness of Neem or Margosa trees, what I have just experienced with my son. He is suffering from some kind of skin infection or heat rashes and painful boils on his face for the last one month. The weather in our country is now very hot and the region where we are staying is also very humid. My son has been suffering from the same symptoms in each summer for the last couple of years. This year I tried to use a new medicine as told by one of my relatives. I have prepared a solution by adding a handful of neem leaves in boiling water and boiled it till the water reduced to half. Cooled and stored the liquid (just like the tea liquor by appearance) in the refrigerator after removing the leaves from it.  I am now frequently wiping his face with a cotton ball dipped into this liquid and let it dry on its own. The rashes were started disappearing within two days and there is also no sign of new rashes or boils on his face. I am still using it and will use for some more days.

Thanks to Margosa leaves!!   


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